Tyres and Tyre Services

Tyres & Tyre Services at ATS Euromaster

We profile a huge range of tyres across all tiers, whether your needs are for a passenger car, SUV, 4x4 or LCV we have you covered. In fact, with our own national distribution centre we can often ensure any internal policy fitment you have in your business is met.

Tyre Brands

Our tyre range includes standard combustion engine tyres as well as all season, run flats, hybrids and EV tyres.

For common questions relating to choosing the right tyre for your vehicle, tyre safety and more please visit our handy blog section.

Tyre Fitting and Related Services

Tyre fitting for your fleet vehicles is available either in-Centre or at a location to suit you using one of our Mobile Fitting vans. ATS Technicians are expertly trained to industry leading standards to enable quick and safe fitting on wheels for cars and vans of all sizes. All fitments include the appropriate valve and balancing services, as well as disposal of the old tyre in accordance with our environmental policy.

Our tyre fitting charges include Valve, Balance and Disposal.

Nitrogen Inflation

There are plenty of reasons to keep your fleet of car and van tyres at their optimum recommended pressures. But whether you're focused on longer tyre life, vehicle safety, fuel efficiency or reduced CO2 output, it's worth talking to our experts about Nitrogen Tyre Inflation.

Puncture Repair

Tyres can become damaged and punctured regardless of how new they are or how good a condition they are in, leaving you with the potentially high cost of needing to replace a tyre. However, at ATS Euromaster if it is safe to do so we will inspect and repair a tyre whenever possible, saving you money and leaving you with perfectly safe, working tyres once more.

  • Tyre repair is available from all of our ATS Euromaster centres nationwide
  • We will repair any tyre that can be safely returned to the road
  • Keep down costs by repairing tyres instead of replacing them
  • Also available for modern run flat & low profile tyres
  • Ensure the highest duty of care to your employees by only repairing a tyre when possible
  • Fair, unbiased advice on your tyres’ condition