Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Maximise the uptime of your fleet with our range of vehicle maintenance and service options available at any of our nationwide centres. Not only can our services ensure you fleet is healthy but also compliant and provide peace of mind when it comes to your duty of care obligation.


Car and Van Class 4 & Class 7 MOT at ATS Euromaster.

Regardless of the size of your business, if you rely on cars and vans for anything, you’ll want your vehicles’ annual MOT tests to go as smoothly as possible.  With more than 180 ATS Euromaster test centres around the UK offering class 4 and over 60 offering class 7, you don’t have to go far to find everything you need to keep your cars road-legal for another year longer.

We offer Free retesting of vehicles (subject to DVSA terms and conditions).

Available for EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Fleet MOTs

At ATS Euromaster we are prepared for your fleet of vehicles when it comes to MOT testing time. With more than 180 Class 4 testing centres and more than 60 Class 7 testing centres across the UK we’re near and on-hand for whenever you need us.



If you run a fleet of cars or vans, it’s important to make sure that they are routinely serviced. This can help:

  • Prevent any unwanted fleet downtime caused by easily preventable damage
  • Maximise your fleet’s cost effectiveness
  • Help to reduce the risk of future MOT failures

Car & van servicing at ATS Euromaster includes vital work such as an oil and filter change along with an in-depth check of each vehicle, giving you a better idea of its overall condition and pointing out any areas that may be worth keeping an eye on for any future work, so you can be aware of any potential issues before they arise.

We can now service hybrid vehicles at specific sites.

Attractive pricing based on Mobil oil (with a budget oil option available for vans too).

  • Interim Service - 32 point service inspection recommended for vehicles driving less than 8000 miles a year
  • Full Service – our annual 46 point service
  • Major Service – our 49 point service recommended every 2 years for vehicles irrespective of mileage
  • All parts come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee
  • All parts used are of matching quality to the original equipment parts

Many customers choose to service their vehicles and carry out an MOT test at the same time.  More than 60 ATS Euromaster centres across the UK also offer Class 7 MOTs, which are suitable for commercial vans up to a design gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, so you can keep your fleet healthy and road legal.



Brake maintenance is vital to the seamless running of cars and vans, along with any other vehicles in your fleet. The benefits of routine brake work are numerous, from preventing potential damage to brake discs & drums to increasing driver safety.

At ATS Euromaster we provide a choice of brake inspections, with a free visual inspection available, which is perfect for determining the remaining usefulness of brake pads and discs. Alternatively a full brake check is also available, where all wheels are removed, providing you with a full run-down of brake components including the shoes, drums, calipers and brake hoses, as applicable.

  • Fixed price brake pads & discs for all major models
  • Free drive-in visual brake inspections
  • High quality parts used


Steering and Suspension

If the front of your vehicle dips when braking, is swayed by side winds or feels like it is handling poorly, you vehicle may have faulty suspension.

There are many vital components that are linked with your suspension, including your steering wheel, coil spring and track rod ends. If your suspension is defective, it will affect the way in which your vehicle drives and feels. Your wheels may have a lesser grip on the road, your steering could become misaligned and feel heavy when turning corners, and your vehicle may "bounce" when braking - all of which effectively equates to giving you less control over your vehicle.

A free suspension check at ATS Euromaster will ensure that your vehicle is suitable and safe for the roads, checking all of the vital components of your suspension including the shock absorbers and springs.


Air Con

Car and Van Air Conditioning for Fleets at ATS Euromaster.

Though often overlooked, recharging your fleet’s air conditioning does more than just keep your drivers cool in the hot weather. Air conditioning systems lose as much as 10-15% of their gas every year, causing your vehicles to potentially use more fuel as the air conditioning systems struggle to reach the desired temperature.

ATS Euromaster provides:

  • Free air conditioning checks at ATS Euromaster
  • R134A refrigerant air conditioning re-gases available at more than 250 centres across the UK
  • Keep your drivers happy and healthy all throughout the summer with rejuvenating, cool air
  • Help de-mist windscreens during winter, allowing your vehicles to be ready to go whenever you are
  • Available for EV and Hybrid



A flat car or van battery puts an immediate drain on a company’s productivity, especially an electric vehicle and is easily preventable. Despite this, flat and dead batteries combined make up a significant volume of breakdowns in the UK every year.

Rather than wait until one of your fleet’s batteries fails, you can always have your vehicles checked at your nearest ATS Euromaster where you will be given a complete and accurate assessment of the condition of your battery.